MOR Vacations!

January 05, 2017 | More from Camping

MOR Vacations!

Traveling is NOT just for the rich. We need breaks from our soul-killing existence too, and just kick back and enjoy the family. Do we hear an “amen” out there?

Because of this greater need for more vacations today, don’t you think there is a need for a massive discount on travel rates? A massive discount on more vacations’ fares and accommodation rates? Do you think all that is too much to ask?


We at M.O.R. Vacations would like to tell you a scandalous non-secret. We are offering membership fees for as low as $ 498, if you sign up with us before August 31st, 2008.

If you find that deal scandalous, how about if I tell you that we are allowing financing plans that would let you pay for these memberships on installment basis? How about 100% financing for those who have FICO scores of 449 and up?

M.O.R. Vacations not only allows you to travel at unbelievable discount rates, but it would also allow you to earn through referrals! Talk about letting travel pay for itself!

We are big on mutually beneficial relationships. M.O.R. Vacations would prove beneficial for you, me, and for the people you refer to the membership! The price fits your budget, your prospects, and THEIR prospects!

Can you feel the sizzling heat for the potential of this business? Want to take part in the most attractive income opportunity to hit the Internet Marketing travel niche?

Sign up with us now, so you could enjoy more vacations at M.O.R. Vacations’ value-packed price point!

If you want to learn more about this amazing new company and the benefits they offer besides the amazing financing scheme, do go to M.O.R. Vacations now!

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The discounts that can be enjoyed through Primo Vacations are not being offered by any other vacation club. All members can take advantage of unlimited access to the most desirable locales at prices that they will not be able to obtain through any other travel club or agency.

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