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August 29, 2016 | More from Vacation

Eagan Community Center

Eagan Community Center
By csfocus on 2008-06-26 22:00:47
What are some examples of cheap us travel vacations? There are reasons some people are able to create awesome vacations out of the simplest trips in the continental US. Once you read this, you’ll be able to do the same thing. Just remember that you can find cheap vacations in the US with outdoors trips, theme oriented trips and road trips. With this article and the tips, you’ll have a better sense of the things you can accomplish . You wont be limited to stay in Hotel 6’s all week long.

Outdoor Vacations

The first example of travelling cheaply in the US is through the outdoors. Outdoor travel vacations are important because they are very cheap, and there are plenty of campgrounds and hiking trails throughout the US. Many have no price or a low price attached to them. Hiking is the first way that you can travel cheaply. You wont believe the day trips that exist out there. I live in Virginia and Williamsburg is a great one day walking trip for me. Yorktown battlefield also is. National parks are great for a light one day walk throughout the park.


Camping is the other way you can travel cheaply in the US. When we moved from Oregon to Virginia, we stayed exclusively in campgrounds, and it was great fun for the family and our little daughter. Ok we’ve talked about outdoor travel, what’s next?

Theme Travel Vacations

How about theme travel vacations! These are important when it comes to the kids, but then again, adults can have fun with themed vacations too. Here’s what I mean. Let’s start with the obvious… Disneyland and Disney world. For kids, there’s nothing better. Don’t forget the water parks too. Sometimes a food oriented theme park works like… Hershey Pennsylvania. Its just pure…chocolate.

Themed trips can include things like wine road trips, cooking and art trips. If you have senior citizens, often there are plenty of these type of themed trips available. Ok, we’ve talked about outdoor, and themed trips, what’s left?

Road Trip Vacations

The last type is the road trip vacation. These are great if you just want to hit the road and see where it goes. Maybe you don’t want an agenda, and you just want to relax. Bed and breakfasts are great for this kind of trip.The web has plenty of resources for bed and breakfasts Sometimes a night or two at one of these will give you an opportunity to meet the owners. And of course, that can lead to some insider knowledge of the local area.

Historic Themed Vacations

Historic trips are another type of vacation. One example is the Civil war trails. There are also other historic battle vacations. It could just go on and on. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a 1776 vacation trip that included all the key places in Americas early history. The types of cheap travel in the US are astounding, but these are just a few ideas to throw around.

When you think about it for a short bit, you can really build a nice fun vacation that’s not too expensive. Just remember to check out outdoor vacations, themed vacations and road trips. So now, go to your local AAA office, and they will be more than happy to help you put a trip together using some of these tips.

Kurt has been an avid traveler over the last bunch of years. From Asia to Europe, South American beaches, US Theme Parks.. you name it. Check out http://www.TheVacationReporter.com for more travel and vacation tips.


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