discount all-inclusive and resort vacations with kids

December 07, 2016 | More from Camping

discount all-inclusive and resort vacations with kids

Many think of all-inclusive vacations as a break from the kids. Resort vacations may seem too expensive to share with your children. However, with the discounts available, these types of vacations can be enjoyed with the kids along as easily as without them.

Look on the internet for resorts that offer discounts for kids. Some resorts give children a discount identification card when they arrive at the resort. These cards are good for free or discounted admissions to attractions and free food when with a paying adult. These discount cards are often available for kids of ages through twelve years old.

Read the descriptions of all-inclusive vacation packages to see if kids are free. Often they stay, eat, and play free. Sometimes there is free child care. There might even be nannies for one-on-one attention as a part of the overall price. These amenities can come with surprisingly inexpensive vacation plans.

Some of these packages include physical and learning activities for the small children. Teens and preteens can enjoy special nature and tourism activities. Besides all this, these vacations give the adults free time to spend as they choose.

If you plan an all-inclusive vacation, go to a travel website and do your research. Make sure you take note of whether the price quoted is for the whole group, or per person of that size group. Often, the rate quoted will be per adult, but that will include accommodations for two kids.

Be aware of what is included in the price given and what is not included. Usually, there are services and fees that are not included. Of course, telephone charges are for you to pay extra. Room service may or may not come with the deal.

You might have to pay a hotel charge of around thirty dollars a day. There are airport fees and governmental travel fees. There is even a September 11th security fee of 10 dollars.

Look for resorts that bill themselves as “family-friendly” resorts. These resorts will go out of their way to give families discounts. They are also good at providing activities for children and teens.

Some resorts cater to single parents. They offer them the child care or nanny service with their packages, of course. They also don’t penalize them for traveling alone. This is important because some resorts’ prices are based on two adults traveling with the kids.

If you would like help deciphering all the options available on the internet, a travel agent might be for you. Actually, travel agents can come up with very good deals on resort vacations from time to time. A good travel agent can make your life easier.

Ask your travel agent as many questions as you need to. It is probably best to do a little research on the internet beforehand even if you are going to use an agent. This will make you a more informed consumer.

Then, ask your travel agent about resorts and all-inclusive vacations that cater to your family’s individual needs. There is a variety of vacations. A knowledgeable agent should be able to point you in the right direction.

Resort and all-inclusive vacations can make for peaceful holidays away from work and school. There are several choices within this category that offer discounts or even free travel to kids. Whether you book your trip yourself or have a travel agent do it for you, it’s best to do your research first.

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