Barack and Malia Obama had a fun Friday night out

Barack and Malia Obama had a fun Friday night out

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Barack and Malia Obama had a fun Friday night out

Every day is a vacation when you’re with Mark Ruffalo. And Danny DeVito. And Jessica Hecht. And Tony Shalhoub.

Image: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

After a nice Italian dinner on Thursday and a rock star’s welcome from the public Friday afternoon, Barack Obama continued his post-vacation jaunt around NYCand he took cool teen Malia along for the ride.

On Friday night, the two were spotted at a performance of the current Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s play The Price. The show stars Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo, which made for a pretty decent photo op afterward one of those rare ones where all parties involved are excited to be meeting a celebrity.

Malia reportedly wants to be a filmmaker, so perhaps this was also a preliminary casting call. (Danny DeVito appears to be in the lead so far, yes?)

And by the looks of Twitter, the father-daughter duo was able to attend the show itself relatively unnoticedexcept, of course, by the New York Times reporter sitting directly in front of them.

It certainly doesn’t seem like anyone booed them. In fact, people cheered as they exited the theater. Interesting!

Anyway, this all sounds very chill. Here’s hoping President Obama, fresh from a kitesurfing expedition with Richard Branson, had fun. Like, so much fun, that he never wants to leave us again.

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