b Mamitas beach P1010152.JPG

b Mamitas beach P1010152.JPG

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b Mamitas beach P1010152.JPG

b Mamitas beach P1010152.JPG
By erlin1 on 2006-01-01 02:31:17
Travelling India is no doubt an ecstasy for the foreign tourists. Each and every year the tourism industry of the country generates a huge amount from the travelers beyond its own boundary. Travel Vacations in India is very popular to the foreign friends due to the extreme variety and rich cultural heritage. This is the place that includes the exotic culture, varied scenery, inexpensive budget and friendly people. The country is no more considered as a sector of study for the west through its poverty concept. This is no more a poverty selling country altogether due to its increasing level of economical growth in front of the whole world.

It is not a very rare factor that the west finds the orient always interesting and enriched. The orient is the place of their research and discoveries. Being the oldest democracy in this world this is an obvious fact that this country attracts the attention of the numerous foreign tourists each and every year. Some of them come to post mortem the history of ancient culture whereas some of them come just to get the flour of orient. Many tourists come to observe the various facets of this colourful country. Kolkata at the eastern part of this nation possesses a little different flavor from the other parts of the nation. Tourist Information Kolkata can give detailed picture of the exact location of this city which is quite interesting.

If you spend some time over the India Travel Information you will find that the city is bordered with the snow clipped Himalayan at the very north and the Bay of Bengal at its south. This is a unique location. Such a geographical position gives the city an additional point to attract travelers from outside. No other state of this country can give you this scope to visit the snow covers peaks along with the deep ocean expedition rather than the city of joy. Not only this variety but Kolkata can also give you an experience of worldwide acclaimed world life at its eastern side. Just a few miles journey can take you to the home of world famous Royal Bengal Tigers.

Being a coastal city winter is the best time to plan a trip to this place. The best tour operator in Kolkata can show you the wide range of varieties one can enjoy in this city. The mild touch of winter of this city can enhance the pleasure of your tour rather the scorching heat of the summer. Winter is the best time to enjoy and relax in the lap of this city with its lush green and refreshing blue scenic beauty. You can plan to spend a few days to observe the snow peaks of the Himalayas or can make your way to the sunburn beaches. The city is filled with various heritages and the cool weather is perfect to roam around to explore the sites. This is really very tough to walk around from one corner to the other under the scorching sun.

The best Kolkata Travel Guide can make your entire plan according to your budget so that you do not miss any taste of the city. Winter is the time when a number of fairs and festivals run at the heart of it. If you can make your way to the merrymaking in its local manner you will feel more pleasure than just having a regular vacation trip. Such local festival shows the actual merrymaking process of its own inhabitants in their own manner. A well planned trip can help you to get all the flavor of a city like Kolkata.

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